Dental Bonding - A clinical Dental Podcast

Dental Bonding - A clinical Dental Podcast

Gaenial Achord Podcast - William Yu and Earta Lauka

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In this show William Yu, Dentist from Norway, Earta Lauka from the GC Headquarter in Belgium and Georg Benjamin, Dentist from Germany, talk about Geanial Achord from GC.

If you love to work with composites as much as we do, you will find a lot of gems in this Podcast

In October 2021 you will also find a lot of Achord pictures by using the #gaenialachord - you can be a part of it and post something as well.

please also check out the GC Dental Campus for the Next online Symposium in November

This Podcast is sponsored by GC Europe - thanks for the support!


GC for me it means Great Composite

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This is the International Version of the German Saure Zähne Podcast.

by Georg Benjamin


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